Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement part 3

Posted by taylorbelcher on March 1, 2017

The text says, “The U.S. networks’ logic that soap operas are solely a vehicle for selling young adult females to soap companies has remained relatively static for the past eight decades and remains in place even as these properties are leaving daytime television. Meanwhile, comic book franchises, sports leagues, and other media properties built on immersive story worlds have built business models that identify multiple ways of engaging with a narrative and thus open up multiple revenue streams.” The reading also mentions how wrestling is similar to a soap opera’s business model. I remember growing up watching All My Children, General Hospital, and One Life to Live with my mom and grandmother. I never watched it as much as they did, but I did like watching the story of certain characters unfold. As we had talked about in class, watching it everyday makes you develop a connection to the characters and what they’re going through. I wasn’t really surprised when it was announced that some of these shows were getting cancelled; however, I was surprised to see some of the same actors from All My Children and One Life to Live playing a new character on General Hospital. I also watched a lot of wrestling with my dad and grandfather. Honestly, I became less interested when I had learned that it was all staged. When it talks about Lost and the complexity of the storytelling, I started to think about how much I actually see that in certain shows today. I was never a fan of Lost, but I do like how other shows follow that similar form. 


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