Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Illegal Downloads

Posted by emilyfalicaa on March 1, 2017

Chapter Three: The Value of Media Engagement starts off by going over the rundown of the illegal downloads of TV shows. While first perceptions of TV illegal downloads would seem to be angst filled teenagers that are either rebelling against the government or upset that their parents haven’t upgraded their cable service, the higher number of illegal downloads comes from a totally different demographic. Spreadable Media explains research shows that many of these come from people in other countries with different showing schedules. They want to keep up with the real-time discussion or it is the only one to view the show period. The positive aspect of this happening is although they aren’t paying for it, they’ll probably buy the DVDs later or recommend it to a friend. Even if they just buy a t-shirt, a profit was made along the way. But I think that so many downloads going to a demographic where the show doesn’t exist or is premiered later down the road just demonstrates a larger market that could be engaged in. Instead of trying to crack down on these downloads or blocking them from happening, networks should make them more readily available to be legally bought and watched. Investing in broadcasting a show to different areas doesn’t always sound profitable, it could cause large losses. But when you clearly have a large group of fans waiting eagerly to watch and willing to do anything to get that episode, don’t stop them from watching. Just give them the material to do so


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