Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The value of media engagement

Posted by toripatterson504 on February 28, 2017

As I begin reading this chapter I couldn’t help but connect what we discussed in class about media audience in viewings to what this chapter was all about.  As audience members our basic understanding of television shows are watching them when they’re convenient for us but there is a such thing as watching the show when it’s convenient for the producers. Our discussion in class a few weeks ago was about a specific television show that wrote to his viewers and told them to tune in while the show is playing or the show was eventually going to be canceled. Some may argue that that was very unprofessional but for the people who do enjoy the show it was important for the producers to get the message out about the possible cancellation of the show to try and stop it. Recording your favorite television show and saving it for later has become so popular in our society today. We have all been guilty of setting a timer to record our favorite show but not actually tuning in while the show is airing. To us this may seem convenient but for the producers in the writings of the show it could possibly be calm detrimental. As discussed in the chapter that most of the people who are you legally streaming TV shows and movies are from other countries but want to watch the show when it corresponds to its airing time. This form of illegal downloading is look down upon but I understand why it’s being done. Imagine if you had to see all the details of your favorite TV show online before you even had a chance to watch that show. It would piss you off and potentially cause you to lose interest in the show.





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