Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Media Engagement

Posted by tommistowers on February 28, 2017

While reading The Value of Media Engagement, I couldn’t help but to think of an app called LimeWire and Frostbite. These streams were illegal downloads for music a few years back. Instead of paying $3 for a song on ITunes it seemed as everyone just streamed illegally. I’m not going to lie, I used LimeWire when I was younger but now just bought the $10 a month for the Apple Music app. I mean am I wrong for doing that? Why pay for something when you can just get the same quality for free?

In reading this chapter the producer, Jenkins expressed his opinion on this topic. “I’d rather have the show I work on be seen, and, frankly, given the way that the studios have dealt with the royalty compensation for writer on alternative platforms… I’m so sorry about your pirating problem, really!” Jenkins expressed his opinion like this because when people are pirating his television show, he is not getting the credit or being recognized for the potential value of the audience’s engagement. Most of the shows that were being illegally downloaded were the hits of “cult shows” that rely on the audiences and viewers to attract on more viewers. Illegal downloads have ruined shows throughout the years. For example, Heroes had 6,580,000 illegal downloads for a single episode as a comparison of 5,900,000 legal viewers. Therefore, the show Heroes was eventually canceled. Meanwhile, Lost had 6,310,000 illegal downloads for a single episode as a comparison to its 11,050,000 legal views. Therefore, the illegal downloads didn’t matter since their legal views were higher.


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