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It’s a Piracy Life For Me

Posted by connorfrederick12 on February 28, 2017

This was a pretty big section to read and I touched on a lot but, piracy is the one thing I will never turn down the chance to write about. I did a speech last semester on my piracy was bad, which is extremely iron because I still pirate TV shows and computer programs, but not music. I don’t want to hurt the music man. But piracy is always something I’ve been an advocate for and it has so many positive effects on media.

Yes the media company initially loses ratings and money because viewers aren’t watching the show live but, if those people do not have the means to watch the show (such as myself with Game of Thrones) they will mostly likely at that point find a “legal” way to watch the show like buying the streaming service or channel. Again, the companies initially lose money, but like it was stated in the book, the shows are being seen and it’s turning people into fans of the show. Fans buy clothes, books, accessories and other merchandise that pertains to the show that they know and love thanks to pirating a season or two, or three, or five.

Piracy is an extremely controversial topic in the digital world right now and multiple people have been arrested for redistributing some products that have copyright, but not selling. I will be an advocate for piracy until the day I die and I may be a pirate for that long too.


“Arrg.” – A Pirate


One Response to “It’s a Piracy Life For Me”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I really liked this post Connor. Although I do not pirate anything, I can see the positive side to it. Even though it may be “illegal”, these large companies will most likely gain revenue or support somehow since these people are becoming fans of their show. Therefore, I believe we should not threaten or punish those who pirate media, but find a way to monetize this industry without harming the consumer.

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