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Torrent TV

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on February 27, 2017

In this section of reading in chapter three of Spreadable Media, it touched on the various ways that a television series can be viewed. There are many times where a television show can have many viewers that watch the scheduled television slot for their show. Then that same show can get around a million more viewers from a torrent device that pirates the television show.

This is seen by in the television series Heroes and Dexter. These shows got multimillions of views from their scheduled airtime. Though they also got about an extra million views from people pirating their series. This is seen as dilemma to modern day TV producers. This is because many of these people see the pirating as people stealing and taking money from the product that they are putting out. Though others see it as a way to help spread their product and make money on their series, even after it has lost it’s airtime and become cancelled. Also, it seems as though most of these people that are participants in the torrent pirating, are not trying to watch the series with out paying for it. These pirates are just wanting to watch their show on a schedule that best suits them.

I personally feel that torrents are a beneficial thing for a series, especially if it is cancelled, because it can allow cult followers to watch their series after it is taken off of the television. And it also can give the viewer control over their media experience. Allowing them to binge watch a show that is off air, or for them to catch up to a show that is still on television. Either way I feel it does more good for a series than it does bad. Therefore, I find pirating for a series to be helpful to it’s popularity.


One Response to “Torrent TV”

  1. Drake Kizer said

    I think you made some great points in this post, specifically your discussion of how pirating and torrents actually add value to a show. Like you said, most people who pirate or stream content in today’s media environment do it for convenience. Not everyone can afford to spend a lot of free time or a lot of money to watch something live, and so they must find a different way to view the product they are seeking. Like you said, most people who pirate are either watching current shows to catch up and watch live, or they are watching old properties that have already made a lot of money, so I see no harm in it at all.

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