Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement Pt. 2

Posted by emilyjones232 on February 27, 2017

It goes without saying many people only watch television shows on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming sites. This generation of always wanting to go go go craves entertainment that can be viewed according to their schedule and streaming caters exactly to those needs.

For example, I watch This is Us (highly recommend). But, I don’t have time to watch it live on Tuesday nights because I am a busy college student who has too much stuff to do to sit down and watch an hour long episode. NBC posts the episode on their website for viewers to watch the next day or any day after and that is how I watch it.

Before this class, I did not realize shows and networks would lose money due to this practice. I just assumed that watching the show in the first place would give the show the money for my viewing. By watching a particular show live on air, networks are able to make money and track their viewership. Even if tons of people watch the show after the date it comes on, the show does not track those viewers as they do if they watch it live.

The convenience of streamable television creates more ways of viewing for the consumer but in turn hinders the producers of the show. Nielsen, the ones tracking viewership of shows among other things, cannot record those viewers who watch the show any other way than live. This way of viewing can cause a show to be cancelled just because the viewers wouldn’t take the time to watch it on air.


One Response to “The Value of Media Engagement Pt. 2”

  1. vene131 said

    I, too, had no idea how just watching a show did not gain it views. I mean, if you are watching it I feel like it shouldn’t matter how you watch the thing to be honest.

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