Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement Pt. 2

Posted by emilychildress329 on February 27, 2017

The required pages of this book for this blog post was one of the easier sections to read I believe. The most interesting section I read was “Are you Engaged?”. This read focused more on the consumers, where I was able to better relate. I really liked how the authors talked about how people usually arrange their schedule according to when a new episode of a TV show comes on. My favorite TV shows at the moment are Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. Thankfully, both of these shows come on, on the same night so I am able to watch them back to back. ABC has even made a “Thank God it’s Thursday” marathon of these shows. The problem, however, is that being in college I might have a test to study for, or an assignment that is do that night or Friday morning. What I will do is I will study all day until the time of the two shows, then go back to my dorm to watch them as if I am on a break from studying.

I think it is neat to know that the producers of the show create this certain timing because they want to know just how involved the audience actually is to the show. Newer episodes will be played later at night starting around 8 because most people will not be at work and will be settling down for the night. Producers are able to tell by the number of people that watch the new episode once it first airs, how many viewers from the audience that they are actually getting.


2 Responses to “The Value of Media Engagement Pt. 2”

  1. Sean Hull said

    Your closing point about how producers determine viewer counts make me wonder, some ten years from now, will the Nielsen system as we know it today be widely considered ridiculous? Will a system better acclimated to the internet and the increased fan engagement it entails have developed by then? Or will the current system continue more or less under the same appointment-based paradigm due to its inertia?

  2. emilyjones232 said

    I also love Scandal! TGIT is such a cool concept to get people involved with the shows on that night and make a social gathering out of it as well.

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