Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement Part 2

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on February 27, 2017

I learned basically how the Nielsen ratings system worked before I even took this class, thanks to being a part of the Steven Universe fan community. A YouTuber that I watch explained for his fan base how ratings were gathered and viewed so he could explain how to properly support the show. He told us viewing the airings didn’t really matter if you didn’t have a Nielsen box. The next best thing would be to buy official merchandise. Also, using the Cartoon Network app counts as viewership, but as we clearly learned from tonight’s readings, it counts differently than television ratings.

Clearly, Steven Universe isn’t suffering; the merchandise sells really well. Although, a lot of people I’ve come across have had to watch the show illegally either because they live in a different country with a different schedule or they don’t have access to the channel. I myself have had to watch some episodes that were uploaded to YouTube because I had no other way to view them at the time.

Not only do people download episodes to watch for themselves, but I know people that do so to edit these videos in a variety of ways. Whether it’s making a meme or an AMV, they are spreading this content with their own twist on it.

This show also connects to the section on Surplus Audiences because Steven Universe does attract an older demographic along with the age group that it was targeted at.


One Response to “The Value of Media Engagement Part 2”

  1. kaufmansw said

    I had friends that dealt with this issue as well. I really like your last comment about targeting an age group. The most successful songs/videos out there are the ones that can stand the test of time and relate to multiple age ranges.

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