Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement part 2

Posted by emilymorgan98 on February 27, 2017

Under the section “Are You Engaged?” I could very much relate to the beginning when it was mentioned that families (or audiences) would “arrange their lives to be home at a certain time” so that they could watch whatever show. I can still remember my mom and my sister and I doing this at least once or twice a week. We would go out but once it hit a certain time we needed to leave wherever we were because a show we were into at the time was about to come on; there was a time where we were die hard Wheel of Fortune fans and every night at 7 (I think) we would all sit and watch that and then sometimes Jeopardy. We were so serious that my mom always would leave work a little bit earlier just so she could get home to get dinner fixed and sit down and we would all watch Wheel of Fortune.

However, once DVR became a thing everything changed. Like it is mentioned in the book, we would not mind being a little late getting home from somewhere because my mom had set the DVR to record whatever show. Then it got to the point where we could record more than one program and between the three of us, our DVR stayed completely full all the time. Then we became obsessed with it because we could zip pass the ads. Honestly, since being in this class I hesitate anymore to zip through commercials or even hit the button on YouTube to ship ads.


2 Responses to “The Value of Media Engagement part 2”

  1. Sean Hull said

    I too remember sitting down to watch television in the past, it’s really quite quaint. So quaint, in fact, that some of my family still does it on occasion, despite its impracticality. There’s a calming aspect to the ritual of tuning in a 7 PM to watch reruns of M.A.S.H., and it’s quite an odd juxtaposition, seeing half my family watching shows on demand via Netflix while the half sits through commercial breaks, waiting for scheduled programming to come back on.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    I remember when I was younger and staying up to watch Saturday Night Live with my parents at an age I probably shouldn’t staying up that late. I was excited to be able to stay up past my bedtime but also excited to watch this hilarious show. 11:30 on Saturday nights was dedicated to watching SNL. I try to stay up to watch now, but I’m not upset if I miss an episode because the skits are uploaded to YouTube. It just shows the changing market of television.

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