Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement Part 2

Posted by taylorbelcher on February 27, 2017

Reading this week’s assigned readings, I was surprised to see that it said, “Many cult shows- Heroes and Dexter among them- attracted as many or more illegal downloads as television viewers…” I think that people should take that into consideration before they decide to cancel a show. Yes, they should look at the viewings and ratings, but they should also look at how many people download (legally and illegally) and also how much people buy the materials that go along with those shows such as “the T-Shirt or the DVD or the keychain.” The reading even mentions that the business models are evolving and “audience members generate value through their direct purchases (of downloaded legal episodes, of DVDs, of program-related merchandise) and through their role as grassroots intermediaries drawing in new audience members.” When it was talking about that and how Jason Mittell “hook[ed]” his wife on the show Veronica Mars, I thought about how my boyfriend got me hooked on shows, like Arrow and Supernatural, by watching the first seasons on Netflix or certain websites that allowed you to watch them for free. I related to when it said, “He also converted to a legal viewer on network television once he had caught up…” because now that I am caught up on the shows, I watch them when they are scheduled to come on tv. The reading also says, “…committed viewers arrange their lives to be home at a certain time to watch their favorite programs.” I remember I used to arrange my work schedule to where I could be off on the nights that my tv shows came on, but now that I’m in college and a sorority, I have to literally work everyday, so I am not able to watch the shows on tv, and instead have to watch them when they’re on Hulu or some other way. 


One Response to “The Value of Media Engagement Part 2”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I agree with you Taylor and your quotes are great examples of how media works today. Not only do these examples describe how media works and is measured, but it shows the evolution of technology and media as well by showing the many platforms one can use. I also know the feeling of having to catch up on shows because I used to watch them on TV, but now my mom has to record them for me.

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