Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Piracy and Engagement

Posted by adusheck on February 27, 2017

Issues of piracy and copyright have been topics heavily discussed through this course, it what my group did our DeepSteam project on. It is interesting to me that with so much discussion/attention being put on it the two that 1.) a solution has not been devised and 2.) the punishment is not more severe. While reading The Value of Media Engagement I had several interesting thoughts that the book outlined, number one being WHY do people watch television series and movies on pirated sites and apps? The book gave several answers that I agreed with number one being the schedule. To elaborate on that I think that people are more apt to watch something when it is convenient for them sometimes 9 pm is not convenient and they forgot to dvr it or do not have dvr available to them, but they do have a free pirate website. Not having dvr could be a big issue because a lot of television dramas such as the example of Heroes given in the text are only aired once a week. If someone is to miss the one time it airs what are they supposed to do? Wait for the dvd set to come out? Watch the next week’s episode having no idea what happened last week? The problem of scheduling also brought to my mind the idea of binge watching. Sometimes it may not be ideal for someone to view a show one episode at a time, week to week so viewers wait for a series to end or watch a series/season of a series that has already ended all at once. It may be more ideal for companies/networks to air shows all at once to up ratings such as shows like Orange is the New Black do.


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