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Engagement is the πŸ”‘

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on February 27, 2017

After reading “The Vaule of Media Engagement.” I discovered that companies are losing money when viewers watch shows online instead of live. In my opinion I thought as long as you watch the show it will be fine but I guess I was wrong. That even includes Netflix, Hulu, and if you think about it even if you watch movies online that haven’t came in theaters yet or that just came out. In a way it kinda makes since just for the fact that stations have a type of recorder that showed how many people watch their show and that’s how there views and rating go up. But if more people watch the shows online than live at that moment than it seems that people aren’t watching the show and that’s how they lose money. In the world that we live in today unless your lazy and live with your mother in the basement, majority of the time we are to busy too actually watch TV, especially if your a college student. Where being engaged really comes in to play when if your actively watching the show and not recording it. A highly recommended show that I recommend to people is “Empire” this show premieres on FOX, and you can watch it on Hulu and online on sites like Putlocker. Overall, I feel that this is very beneficial to viewers that are out and about and just want to watch there show whenever they can cause once in awhile when are we ever engage in TV with so much to do in the world.


One Response to “Engagement is the πŸ”‘”

  1. adusheck said

    I agree that I didn’t realize that networks such as Hulu caused television networks to lose money. I think that television networks should try to integrate some of the same characteristics that Netflix and Hulu have to their channels.

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