Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Deepstream Project

Posted by Drake Kizer on February 27, 2017

Part 1: http://deepstream.tv/watch/popculturesquad/campaign-songs-EwNPaafR

Part 2: http://deepstream.tv/watch/popculturesquad/they-live-Jo6j2WTZ

Part 3: http://deepstream.tv/watch/popculturesquad/comcast-customer-service-A72RH83e

Part 4: http://deepstream.tv/watch/popculturesquad/seven-types-of-spreadable-media-qCYMNyXS

Part 5: http://deepstream.tv/watch/popculturesquad/behavioral-marketing-HwWZYogq

Part 6: http://deepstream.tv/watch/popculturesquad/retro-branding-taAt45Qo

Part 7: http://deepstream.tv/watch/popculturesquad/bernie-sanders-moral-economy-ZKbk2kKy

Part 8: http://deepstream.tv/watch/popculturesquad/thrift-shop-jFnzjQs4

For the Deepstream project, our group consisted of Drake Kizer, Tristen Denney, Jacob Karaglanis, and Connor Frederick. We all chose to join together as a group on the day we chose groups because we figured we would fit together pretty well. All of us took on an individual role in the group, and we all decided that we would choose the videos we wanted to annotate on our own. We knew we needed to have 45 minutes’ worth of content as a collective, and we figured everyone in the group would have a better time annotating videos if they helped select them.

After a work day one week, we had selected all of our videos. We discussed them in class for quite a while, because we wanted to select a wide-range of content that covered as much of the subject matter we had covered so far in class. Drake chose to cover John Oliver’s “Campaign Songs” video, which contained a flawed discussion of the copyright and permissions involved with a candidate using a popular song at their rallies or events. Drake also selected a video about the seven types of spreadable media, which was produced by students at a school in the United Kingdom. The class actually produced the video in relation to Spreadable Media, our class’s textbook, which made it particularly relevant.

Tristen chose three different videos that were a little bit shorter in length per video. He chose a particularly interesting one from MSNBC, which featured Bernie Sanders speaking about the need for a moral economy in America, which related to a discussion we had in the first couple weeks of school. He also picked an interesting video that introduced and explained the idea of retro branding, which has been a very hot topic in our class’s discussions and blog posts for quite a few sessions now. Lastly, he chose to cover the cringe-worthy audio of Ryan Block’s call with Comcast customer service. Our class did a blog post and a class discussion about customer service, and some of those were specifically about Comcast, so the group thought that was particularly relevant.

Jacob chose to annotate Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Thrift Shop” video, because he felt the video signaled the launch of retro culture coming back to the forefront of American consciousness. Around the time the video came out, Americans began flocking to Goodwill and other thrift shops to collect vintage items and either wear them or collect them so that they could sell them for a profit. Connor chose a video about behavioral marketing, which he felt was related to a discussion we had in class about how marketing is becoming more and more tailored to individuals, as opposed to the old model which tried to appeal to the masses. The other video he chose was about They Live and the reasons why people should watch it even years after its release, which obviously relates to the in-class screening of the movie, and also the discussions and blog post we had about it.

By the time the project was completed for good, our group felt like we had compiled a wide range of content that accurately portrayed all of the readings and discussions our class had in the first month of our time together. We found that the Deepstream platform was not particularly hard to understand, use, or engage with, and so we were pleasantly surprised by the ease with which we were able to complete the requirements of these annotations. We definitely felt like this project was interesting and fun to do; as fun as any school project can ever be, that is. This project worked out well for our group, and so we look forward to doing more work together in the future.


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