Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Deepstream Project

Posted by emilychildress329 on February 27, 2017

Part 1: http://deepstream.tv/curate/MLEmEm/oscarssowhite-jxLZJ28b

Part 2: http://deepstream.tv/curate/MLEmEm/will-smith-speaks-on-oscarssowhite-uAcTYFB3

Part 3: http://deepstream.tv/curate/MLEmEm/how-the-oscars-got-so-white-WGdZc8xc

Part 4: http://deepstream.tv/curate/MLEmEm/snl-parody-sQhAmgk7

Part 5: http://deepstream.tv/curate/MLEmEm/chris-rock-opening-PWYDaJyN

Part 6: http://deepstream.tv/curate/MLEmEm/whoopi-7s8Tu3HX

Part 7: http://deepstream.tv/curate/MLEmEm/2017-oscarsdiversity-CM84DTd4

For the Deepstream project, the members in our group consisted of MaryLennox Halfcare, Emily Childress, Emily Morgan. When trying to come up with a topic, we thought that it was only fitting that we research about the Oscars since they aired on Sunday, February 26, 2017. In the years 2015 and 2016, there was not much diversity in the oscars nominations. This led to a huge uproar because people thought that the Oscars were discriminating against many talented professionals that deserved a nomination.

Part 1: The first link gives everyone a breakdown of what the Oscars really are. Everyone is nominated by the academy, but the problem is that it is mostly made up of white males that are born into older generations. These older generations tend to look upon the movies that cast their major roles to white males because that is what they are accustomed to, starting the #OSCARSSOWHITE movement.

This movement, of course, did not please certain people who thought that the voting and debating of nominations were very accurate. This led to celebrities speaking out on boycotting the oscars. In Part 2, Will Smith, who many thought deserved an oscar nomination, spoke out on #oscarssowhite. He goes on to explain that for people like him, no matter what you do or how hard you try, none of it matters. Diversity is a huge part of our world today, but no one is doing anything to fix it. In Part 5, Chris Rock is giving his opening speech at the Oscars in 2016. He is able to put a spin on the lack of diversity in the nominations, while making jokes that are actually very accurate. He references the show as that “White People Choice Awards” because of the controversy. He is also able to stand up to people that told him to quit and get his opinion in by giving his opening speech. Our group also found it interesting that Rock was able to imply that once upon a time there was bigger controversy’s and protest about.

Many people, however, like Whoopi Goldberg were able to ask a very important questions. She asked how is that this topic only comes around once a year. The issues are actually bigger than they appear. There are not many African Americans that are in movies throughout the year, so maybe it’s not the fault of the people who are giving out the nominations, but it’s the fault of the funding that movies with diversity does not receive. We also wanted to point out that Whoopi brings up an excellent point, that if people are boycotting the Oscars, they are actually boycotting the host at the time, Chris Rock, as well.

In the 2017 Oscar nominations diversity was seen, not as much as people who fought so hard for it would of liked to of seen. We believe that people did make an effort to get their opinions heard throughout all of social media which gives us insight to believe that the use of media in any way is a huge help to this country. We loved working on this project together especially because it was a topic that could be related to something that just happened.


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