Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Deepstream Analysis

Posted by nasir502nasir on February 27, 2017

Our group (Nasir Stoner, Kimberlea Ferrell, Amy Cory and Laura Mitchell) met up last week to do our Deepstream project on the movie They Live since we all seemed to like the movie and have our own opinions about the movie and specific scenes. We were able to find a video of Rowdy Piper being interviewed for the 25th anniversary of the movie’s release. He had a lot to say about the movie and the subjects that the movie was trying to touch on. From mind control to the Illuminati the move had a lot of points and even connections to things that go on in today’s age. Rowdy Piper spoke on this in the interview. We analyzed these specific points that he touched on. In the movie Rowdy Piper’s character could see things as they really were behind the scenes through special glasses. He saw that the world was being controlled by skeleton like figures that appeared to be humans. He could walk in a room of people and be able to see which people were real and which people were not. Everybody that would look at him thought he was crazy, but he could see and knew the truth. There was even a scene where he went in a place and shot all of the skeleton like figures and everyone was scared. It was probably the most popular scene of the movie because it was so violent and dramatic. Throughout the movie he tries to get other people to see the world how he does and a lot of people just blow him off. With the exception of a decent sized group of people nobody would believe what he was saying until the end. And the skeleton figures always portrayed themselves as humans so the people that couldn’t see through it really thought he was crazy. In the interview Rowdy spoke on where he was from, stating he was born in Canada originally but is from and lives in the United States. He proceeded to talk about the present and the future comparing it to the past. The movie was made in the 80’s but still had a huge connection to things that are going on now. Rowdy spoke on how the world seems to be trying to move to a one world government but it seems like there are too many things preventing that from happening at the same time. The fact that this movie came out in the 80’s and  is still relevant to conspiracies of now and things that are really going on now is very interesting. The world is changing at a rapid pace but at the same time things are really staying the same in ways. We are progressing, but at the same time we seem to be going backwards. All of the propaganda we see in our faces every day that we don’t notice as propaganda is the reason we are so reliant on things like television, communication, cell phones and the internet. And I think that is kind of what They Live is about. Because Rowdy could even see the world differently looking at billboards and signs. This movie was really a great one and a one that we should all relate to.  http://deepstream.tv/curate/Pop201/they-live-deepstream-project-zx56rktG


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