Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Feb 28

Posted by mackenzie brown on February 26, 2017

These days, most people watch shows on Netflix, Hulu or their own DVR’s. Some people even choose to illegally download the shows to watch the on their own time if they don’t have access to Netflix, Hulu or a DVR. These shows are not getting as many live viewers because of these different ways the show can be accessed but at least when people are using Netflix, Hulu or DVR’s they are paying for it. I can honestly say I have never watched a pirated series before so that’s why I didn’t realize how popular it actually was until I read this chapter. Some shows even have more illegal viewers than live legal viewers and that is killing their production. This chapter explains how the show Heroes eventually was cancelled because the lack of live viewers. So the show was cancelled but they sold many coped of the series on DVD. The reasonings behind illegal downloading of shows can vary. One reason is that other countries may be on a delayed schedule and they want to watch the show early. Another reason is that some countries don’t even have access to the show at all. Lastly, illegal downloading can just change the conditions to viewers. They can watch it wherever and whenever they want. It’s not that they are refusing to pay to watch the shows, it’s just more convenient to them to illegally download the shows. The illegal downloading can also show if viewers are “engaged” or not. If they are not watching the shows live they are considered to be not engaged rather than when they are actually watching them on live TV.


One Response to “Feb 28”

  1. cameronbrooks3 said

    The main reason for the illegal downloads are simply because once the show is over it don’t show up again, unless you record it and have it saved on your DVR. Unlike downloading music we really do it because we just don’t want to buy the music.

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