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Posted by emilychildress329 on February 23, 2017

I’m sure that most of us are going to write about Glee for this blog post because it is something that we can relate to the most! I remember watching Glee when I was littler, even though I’m not musically talented at all. However, when I was reading this, I was amazed to actually understand some of how the show got so popular. The fact that the producers focused all their attention on the consumers and ways to get the audience involved was something that I don’t think that a lot of TV shows actually think about.

I think that today producers work very hard to get the attention of the audience because they want to get there show to stick. I think that a major influence that helped Glee become so popular was the fact that it dealt with high school kids. Our generation is the generation that watches television and stays on social media constantly. Most of the plots of each show, also dealt with this things that each person in our generation is going through in maybe a funnier way.

Another way the producers worked with consumers is through social media sites. iTunes, for example, was one of the most used social media websites in the world. Music was easy to download along with tv shows and movies. I still have seasons of Glee on my iPod because I was that big of a Greek. People who might not of even heard of Glee before was still able to listen to the songs and but the songs and it actually worked in the shows favor


8 Responses to “Glee!!!”

  1. marylennoxhalf said

    You’re so right about producers trying to get the audience’s attention. Especially with social media, if someone likes what they are watching, they will probably post about it online! If one of your followers sees you talking about a show you like, they might take your recommendation and watch the show, too.

  2. I would have to agree with your point on how hard producers work in order to grasp the attention of an audience. Most importantly, producers must have an audience in mind they are wanting to attract in order to gain a larger fan base and focus soley on their wants. Your point of iTunes further spreading the popularity of Glee and other shows with a large fan base creates the spread of social media.

  3. lillieeastham said

    I remember when Glee was really popular and every week the songs featured on the show would be at the top of the charts on iTunes. It really ensured that everyone was always aware of the show because it was in your life even if you didn’t watch.

  4. cameronbrooks3 said

    Shows like Glee really just tell a show about the world we live in today. Some kids at school feel unwelcome and the only way to get out of their shell is being apart of something they they love to do.

  5. tommistowers said

    I totally agree with you when you said the producers want to grab the audiences attention. Since we are the generation of social media and television they producers will nearly do whatever to get our attention. If this means to show something we are going to relate to it is only going to attract more audience members of the same age. Good Job!

  6. laurenivey22 said

    I agree with you when you say that producers are constantly trying to grab the audiences attention with things like social media and music. Whenever Glee premiered, all of the songs were downloaded onto ITunes which allowed people to be able to download them to their device, making them more popular. Also, with the social media aspect, having a fan page is always good for publicity.

  7. toripatterson504 said

    I would have to agree with on this. The way that producers grab the attention of audience members make a he impact on the views and ratings. It also helps with the audience relationship.

  8. connorfrederick12 said

    Glee was extremely influential in its’ day when it came to social media and the music business like I stated in my blog post. It was a kind of revolution in TV, and pop culture, we haven’t really seen since

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