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Consumers, fans, and multipliers

Posted by tommistowers on February 23, 2017

Today’s blog post I focused on three articles. The first one valuing fans. The second one is “consumers” or “multipliers”. The third one is Forensic Fandom and the drillable text. Our world is based on this article, valuing fans. Americans today watch more and more television and movies. While watching these shows or movies we are consuming more information than ever before.  The economic value is based on a “direct” and “indirect” source. A direct source are made up of components of how we measure and value audiences. This is the audience enjoyment and the act of consumption as well. In the sense of watching television is the views or event attendance. An indirect source of economic value the use of the pleasure they derive from those measurable activities within their networks. In the article, forensic fandom and the drillable text. This article talked about how the spreadable media encourages horizontal ripples without necessarily encouraging more long-term engagement. Drillable media typically engage far fewer people, but they occupy more of their time and energies in a vertical descent into text’s complexities. Lastly, the article “consumers” or “multipliers”. Our world all connects to one word. That word is a “consumer”. We are consumers of buying something at all times. People often like the word “multiplier” rather than consumer. The term “consumer” treats meaning manufacture as an endgame. The term “multiplier” suggests that what the professional creative does is merely the beginning of a larger cultural process. A “multiplier” is someone who will treat the good, service, or experience as a starting point. Using the word “multiplier” over “consumer” gives others more control on what they see out front and center.


4 Responses to “Consumers, fans, and multipliers”

  1. I agree with you that “Valuing Fans” is what our world today is based on. We see it everywhere constantly. I thought that the Spreadable vs. Drillable media essay was very interesting because I wasn’t aware of the difference between those. Also, I found the multiplier and consumer essay fascinating because I had never heard of the term multiplier used in this context. Even though I think that I like the term multiplier better now that I know of it, I do agree with you that “Our world all connects to one word. That word is a “consumer.”

  2. faythleighann said

    I love that you related all three articles together. The overall idea that each basic concept applies to an everyday consumer is correct. I agree with your understanding of the difference between the terms “consumer” and “multiplier”. Before that article I hadn’t even thought of consumer having a negatory connotation, and now it is suggested that a “multiplier” has more control over their role.

  3. I enjoyed reading your point of view between using the term “multiplier” over “consumer”. The term multiplier being used versus consumer creates a larger benefit in the long run for the producer by portraying to a given audience that the process of their product or event is not yet over.

  4. laurenivey22 said

    Im glad you brought up the point about “valuing fans”. This is such an important and sometimes, overlooked concept. Fans are the reason a show mashes or crashes.

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