Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Chuck Vs. Leno/Glee

Posted by nasir502nasir on February 23, 2017

I think it’s a little weird that i had never ventured into any of the avenues of this part of our readings, being a well rounded individual for most of my life. Chuck I had never even heard of, so of course I’d never heard of any of the other parts like how the people tried to save the show. I thought it was interesting, however that people would go to those lengths to try and save a show. The fact that people do have some sort of say so in what we see on television is interesting, but not necessarily a surprise. Even with GLEE. I was a very musical type kid growing up around music all my life. Band, Choir, Church choir, piano, my whole family played some sort of instrument. But I never got into GLEE with my little brother who was even more music oriented than I was. The show just never stuck with me. I think it was more of the plot that couldn’t keep my attention and make me want to keep watching it episode after episode. The fact that the show and the music from the show was so big wasn’t surprising though. Some of the songs would catch my ear every now and then and there was lots of singing and dancing, so i always figured that it was popular for those reasons more than the plot, which I didn’t care for as much. But maybe other people thought different and liked the plot, too.


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