Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Valuing Fans

Posted by faythleighann on February 22, 2017

While reading this week’s articles, one that really had me thinking caught my attention was “Valuing Fans.” Based on previous reading and just basic knowledge I knew how valuable customers were to a company and how they are basically the lifeline to a company’s success. Also, just from listening to class discussions, I had thought about the fact that even popular shows that have high ratings and large fan clubs and whatever else that make a company seem successful don’t matter much. This is because when we record those new episodes instead of watching them when first aired we tend to skip the ads on DVR. As described in the first behavior of customer economic contribution- watching, listening, or attending- we ultimately decide how many and what advertisements will show during those episodes or that radio station etc. Advertisers recognize who reacts to the ads, and how many viewers will see it during the first runs of the show. But what advertisers do not care about is who is going to record the show and skip the ads later. This leading to the second behavior, purchasing primary and secondary products. Of course companies want viewers to see the ads and have interest in the products or services but it ultimately boils down to who acts on that interest and purchases the product because of it. So what do companies do to increase their chances of purchases? Endorsement. Behavior three is more about a customer’s loyalty and vulnerability to be persuaded by their favorite celebrity. Or even so a person that is reliable and the customer respects so, therefore, they go out and buy the product without questioning the manipulation. The final behavior, sharing and recommending, would be the most influential. Again, it ties with endorsing a product that works and sharing it so that others follow the same patterns. Sharing and recommending is simply free labor that the advertisers encourage so that their product has positive reviews from real-world people that relate with other customers.


2 Responses to “Valuing Fans”

  1. lillieeastham said

    I agree that the fourth step is the most valuable because it is what makes consumers ‘multipliers’ as mentioned in another essay.

  2. emilyfalicaa said

    I think it is funny how traditionally we view free labor as a negative thing, but in the form of any media or product, we accidentally participate in this idea regularly. A good portion of advertisement comes from this super important fourth step, it would be great if companies listened to supporters more when making big decisions since they ride off the backs of this free labor.

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