Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Valuing Fans

Posted by kaufmansw on February 22, 2017

I was not shocked when I read that Americans are watching more television and consuming more movies, music, and information than ever before in the article, “Valuing Fans.”  One thing that stuck out to me was how large of a role fans have in contributing economic value beyond paying attention to commercials.  As stated in the article, many of the activities within the broad spectrum of fan behaviors that contribute economic value fit into four categories: 1.Watching, listening, or attending, 2. Purchasing primary and secondary product, 3.Endorsing, and 4. Sharing and recommending.  In the first category it’s quite simple to see how it contributes to economic value.  When fans watch or listen to a show they will see advertisements.  Companies advertise based on how many people watch certain shows and at what times so they know when the best time is to spread their product.  Purchase records can show what items are hot on the market, which will show the relationship between supply and demand.  The last two categories are much more indirect.  When someone famous endorses a product, there’s a chance their die-hard fans will all go buy the product because they believe everything their idol says.  We must remember though that they are being paid to say things about these products and may not have ever even used the product.  The last category is my personal favorite because when you can share a product and recommend it to others, you are getting first hand results.  This is important because you know exactly what you’re getting and not what an ad will tell you.  Ads will not be negative about their own product because it would hurt their sales, so it’s important to keep this in mind.


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