Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement, Pt.1

Posted by tristendenney14 on February 22, 2017

As we move into the new topic of engagement in media, rather than appraising value or worth, I feel like I have a better understanding and idea of why media engagement is so essential to businesses in society today. For example, although these seven assigned readings were all great, three stood out to me in particular, these including: Shelia Murphy Seles’s “Chuck Vs. Leno”, Grant McCracken’s “Consumers’ or Multipliers”, and Eleanor Baird Stribling’s “Valuing Fans.” First, I felt like Seles’s “Chuck Vs. Leno” echoed the same idea I have wrote about multiple times in my blogs. Not to continue this rant, but ultimately consumers can exercise their opinion through different types of media to get what they want, and large corporations are going to do whatever it takes to make money. These were both seen in this article as Seles describes when consumers bought a lot of Subway sandwiches since they sponsored the TV show Chuck and saved the show, and when NBC aired The Jay Leno Show and made tons of money off product placements even though the show was a flop. Next, was McCracken’s “Consumers’ or Multipliers.” Although I thought this article was kind of a stretch and cheesy at first, it truly does make sense. We are all “multipliers” in some way or another due to our human nature to improve things and get better, just like how technology and media have prospered in the past few decades. Lastly, was Stribling’s “Valuing Fans” and how consumers are ultimately the key to success in a society based around media. This is seen through Stribling’s presentation of factors like watching, listening, endorsing, sharing, relativity, and the list goes on. Although a lot of the time we just hear how ratings and views affect a media platform, it is truly more complicated than this. Therefore, although there is no perfect solution currently to help a piece of media continuously prosper, this is what we will continually strive for, and why Spreadable Media is necessary to understanding these factors.


One Response to “The Value of Media Engagement, Pt.1”

  1. katemilner9 said

    I think its important that you acknowledge how this set of readings is related to all the others. When learning about popular culture, or thinking about learning about it, I feel like a lot of times we forget how it can be so much more than just knowing about the content. It’s so much about the business and the economics of it all, like you point out.

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