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The Value of Media Engagement Part 1

Posted by taylorbelcher on February 22, 2017

I found the “Chuck vs. Leno” essay very interesting. I was a fan of the show because I thought it was funny and entertaining, but I had no idea about this Subway thing. That’s amazing that the show got renewed for another season because people filled out comment cards. I was only like 11 years old anyway when that show was popular, so I didn’t understand the reasoning of why they had cancelled the show in 2012 because I didn’t know anything about viewings and ratings. Also, I like how it included how “the fans behind the “Finale and Footlong” campaign made several assumptions about how the television business works.”


In the ““Consumers” or “Multipliers?”” essay, I was intrigued by the comparison that was made between the terms “consumers” and “multipliers.” I had never really thought about a consumer in a negative connotation the way that it is described in this article; however, I think that I do like the term multiplier better.


I think that the essay titled, “Valuing Fans,” is very relatable and relevant in the world today. It talks about using social media to “endorse” and “share” or “recommend” certain things to certain people. Stribling also gives many examples of people doing this, such as “wearing a Boston Red Sox T-shirt” or “recommending that great new book Spreadable Media to your Twitter followers.” 
Lastly, I’m not a big fan of the TV show Glee. I have seen a few of the episodes and thought that they did a good job with the covers of songs, but I just couldn’t get into the story. Honestly, I was surprised when the essay mentioned that “the cast cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” reached number one on the iTunes top-selling songs chart in July 2009 (Wieselman 2009), selling more than 350,000 copies overnight (Burlingame 2009).” I think that definitely shows how much media influences what people buy.


One Response to “The Value of Media Engagement Part 1”

  1. adusheck said

    I like what you said about not seeing consumers in a negative light because I never have viewed it that way either. But I can see it from that standpoint because consumers sometimes advocate for a harmful business.

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