Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Residuals Pt. 2

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on February 22, 2017

After also reading the assigned readings for this blog post. I had quite a bit on my mind about these seven essays. Then I went to the WordPress site to see if anyone had made a selected post about an idea from the seven essays. I only saw Drake’s post about Seles and Jay Leno. After reading his and commenting on it, I wanted to take a different stance on the same thing that he talked in his post about.

My side of this idea is that the rise of the tonight show, Jay Leno, and the comedy news shows is the most genius idea that these tv programs came up with. These shows really helped grow the idea of taking news to a funny and less serious level. And it paved the way for shows like Jimmy Fallon’s, Jimmy Kimmel’s, and Steven Colbert’s late night television shows. To me, these shows have a very important impact on society because they provide a way for people to see quality content and they give people a chance to see the news in a light that is less serious and morbid like on popular news channels.

Though they are definitely a “money suck,” that the NBC created in order to make more money, with less meaningful content. Despite this, obvious ploy for more money, I still find the content to be extremely important because it gives people an outlet to see pop culture, or important news with less of a  scary or negative way. It gives a more light and funny take on the world, which I feel is very important for people to have.


One Response to “Residuals Pt. 2”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I agree with you Jacob. It is kind of the best of both worlds, because not only is one getting the opportunity to catch up on news and current events, but one also gets to experience good comedy as well. Also, though shows like Jay Leno’s have failed, shows like Jimmy Fallon’s seem to prosper, and these make NBC’s plan a win-win because they are making money and getting lots of views.

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