Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Please Hold While I Panic: One of My Greatest Academic Achievements (Feb. 16th)

Posted by vene131 on February 22, 2017

I would like to start this post off with a resounding !!! Image result for jello gif because this article is by one of my fave English professors, Dr. Hovet. Moving on, this notion that we as students now have an easier way to interact with a text through things like YouTube videos is true. I agree that this interactive media technology has helped make students more active with the texts they are reading for classes.

A great example of that from life would be a project I had last year for my Shakespeare class. Our final project for Dr. Knoll was to create our own page like they did for this series Shakespeare Uncovered. Basically, PBS made this series where they would have an actor or director that has been involved with a specific Shakespeare production, and they would have an episode talking about what they did and all the cool things about that text that could be curated.

My group did our page on Much Ado About Nothing and it was an interesting way to interact with the text using these technologies like YouTube. Screenshot_2017-02-18-16-10-07.pngFor our project we used a lot of YouTube videos of a particular version of the this text and found interviews and tweets and all kinds of things and formed this curation of the text that was unique to us. This allowed for us to, “actively participate in reshaping texts through ancillary material that generates new meanings” like Dr. Hovet stated in his article. Students can take these texts or videos and shape them into new ways of interpretation.

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