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“Gleek” Community

Posted by mackenzie brown on February 22, 2017

In the essay “Performing With Glee” I was very shocked by the information shared about the TV show Glee. I use to watch Glee all of the time and I never knew any of this. It caught me by surprise when it stated that Glee had maybe been in a legal gray area with some things on the show that engaged fans. Although I did love Glee I never knew there was a “Glee Superfan Player” or about the Myspace karaoke contest. I don’t believe that it is right for fans to upload videos of the songs onto YouTube for free when they should be bought on iTunes the legal way. There are so many illegal uploads like it states in this essay but why does it keep happening? Is there too many of videos like the ones described in the essay for YouTube to monitor and regulate? Does YouTube not care that these illegal videos are on their site? I would think videos like these are quite popular on YouTube now a days so maybe YouTube just doesn’t want to lose that much content. I think it’s super cool how the producers weren’t mad that fans were posting their own versions of songs on YouTube but rather admired it and felt proud that their fans were that excited about the material that they would make their own. Most producers or companies would see these types of things as a threat so they would want the content taken off the internet and would be super petty (in my eyes) about it because they are already making so much money. What does it hurt if a fan is doing something similar to the show or whatever it may be? Unless the fans were making money off their material, I cannot see why this would be a problem and I love that the Glee producers did not.


2 Responses to ““Gleek” Community”

  1. marylennoxhalf said

    I was also shocked by the information from the article! While watching the show, you very rarely think about all of the background things that are going on. While trying to get the audience’s attention, the use of iTunes and YouTube seemed to really make a harsh reality for copyright infringements!

  2. emilyfalicaa said

    Previous to the article I had no experience with Glee, both the background and show itself. But I am in a lot of other fan groups that consistently have silly things taken away that we aren’t profiting on. So it is refreshing to so something else happen in a similar fandom.

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