Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

“Chuck Vs. Leno”/Glee and YouTube

Posted by emilymorgan98 on February 22, 2017

The article by Seles was weird but interesting. I did not realize that people pulled together to save the show Chuck.  I did not even realize that it was a show to begin with actually. I feel like something like that is not going to happen much anymore since not very many people watch T.V live anymore. If it does happen then it would be cool to see what type of show is trying to be saved. It was also interesting what NBC did with Jay Leno and the show. Plus, I did not realize that his show did not take much to produce. Are all talk shows like that? Honestly don’t know much about him or the show. I haven’t ever been into talk shows besides Ellen and Fallon and even then I don’t really watch them all that much.

I loved the article about Glee and the fact people have covered it on youtube. When it was on air Glee was probably one of my favorite shows whereas a lot of people I went to school with thought it was extremely dumb and stupid. There were always so many genres in the show and it is how I have come to like a lot more music as well as all kinds. On every episode there were always songs that I knew and loved as well as songs that my mom and sister knew and loved. Even to this day we listen to the soundtracks; they were life savers if we ever had to paint a room. It was interesting thought because I didn’t notice how big the songs were on iTunes and YouTube!


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