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And that’s what you missed on… GLEE!

Posted by vene131 on February 22, 2017

Alright listen up. We are about to go on a fun ride of me talking about how I am Glee trash. The TV show Glee is one of the largest influences of my life, and when I read this article about how Glee used media to interact and engage with their audience, I had some flashbacks to the five years of my life I dedicated to this dumb show.

Glee did something so profound with it’s audience (besides literally helping shape a generation and giving representation to queer people in ways we have never experienced before) by utilizing social media and various technological accounts (looking at you, YouTube) to gain viewership. I mean, I remember watching all the behind the scenes videos every week they came out on their YouTube page because it was a way for us to get more of the show.


I think when Glee started putting all their musical covers out there, it really changed the game for television shows. Glee was definitely one of the first major shows that had music as a big part of the show, but they way they encouraged audiences to buy their music on iTunes and other places was really great because it allowed us to have Glee in our houses like never before. And for those of us who could not purchase the songs, they put up a majority of the performances from the show on their YouTube page so you still got to watch the musical numbers and hear them. This let audiences relive these performances that they watched live (one of my faves being Teenage Dream but the greatest influence of my life, Darren Criss) in a legal way. Unless you’re me and this text post is actually your life. screenshot_2017-02-22-17-10-22-1


2 Responses to “And that’s what you missed on… GLEE!”

  1. emilyjones232 said

    Okay, first off, I love the title of your post because I totally forgot they did that. I also used to be obsessed with Glee and I’m glad you are too. Glee was super cool and consumed a good portion of my life. Glee changed how fans reacted with a TV show and brought out new ways for fans to interact with the show they loved. Good job!

  2. katemilner9 said

    I think its really interesting that you acknowledge Glee’s following as a defining fandom, even thought there’s been examples of fan cultures since long before Glee was even a thought, let alone on air and gaining popularity. It really did rely on the interactive components we learned about though. It felt like a whole new fandom for those who were there because through that model, and the way social media allowed us to interact with it so easily, the fandom became a network of people who shared and supported each other instead of people who were all just fans of a show.

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