Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on February 22, 2017

So I’m going to start with “A History of Transmedia Entertainment.” When I saw the line “Corporate managers increasingly consider the development of a video game to accompany a film… in which stories are elaborated rather than retold,” my mind went straight to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Forewarning, I love Tim Burton almost as much as I love Steven Universe. I’m not sure how many people know this movie has a video game that is set as a sequel. Basically, the trio of brats bring Oogie Boogie back and Jack has fix everything. The game not only gives another story to be told with these characters, but it expands on the powers Jack has and gives more screen time to minor characters, as well as some adapted lyrics to songs from the movie. There’s even a couple new songs! It does leave some things unexplained in the end, though. Where did those three brats go after shoving Jack down that hole? We never see them again. I guess I may never know.

I also realized while reading “The Online Prime Time of Workspace Media” that I hadn’t ever thought about how much time people spend online during their breaks. I even do it myself while eating lunch in between classes, always scrolling through Twitter.

“”Consumers “or “Multipliers”?” made me realize how odd the word consumer really sounds when used in this context. Usually there’s a distinguishable line between a consumer you talk about in biology class and an economic consumer, but the word evokes a similar reaction I suppose. I really do think multiplier is a better term, even though it feels odd since consumer is the word I’ve been taught and have heard throughout my life.


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