Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Systems of Appraisal

Posted by tommistowers on February 20, 2017

In the chapter, reappraising the residual, the biggest point that stood out to me was the systems of appraisal. Within a commercial context the tendency to describe appraisal is by an object’s absolute value. By not only determining the object’s value but also how that value can be measured. This section talked about Antiques Roadshow and eBay.

I have never heard of Antique Roadshow, so I looked it up. Antiques Roadshow is an American television program on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The cast goes from Montana-Tennessee in these various small to mid-size cities airing. Local antique owners who bring in their items to be appraised by experts. These negotiations transform between the different systems of value into the basis for public spectacle. The object’s meaning and value rests on its place within these personal narratives and is bound with intimate family relations. Once the owner shares the history of the individual item as it has gone through a periodic time in history. Therefore, the history and its background is how much money they are willing to give.

Ebay on the other hand is an auction format is yield the perfect price. I was shocked to see each day, sellers on eBay list approximately 4.8 million items across more than 40,000 categories. This now involves people to be in the process of appraisal. The thing I personally have with eBay was stated in the book. The authenticity, you never truly know what you are going to get from eBay. Sellers can often misidentify content, material, origins, and buyers have to just trust their gut when buying from someone off eBay.


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