Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Reappraising the Residual

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on February 20, 2017

Something I found interesting in tonight’s reading was under “The Hybrid Audiences of YouTube” section. It mentioned vloggers changing their posts and causing controversy to gain more viewers. It’s really interesting to compare this to how companies act. Businesses usually go after monetary interests and rarely listen to viewers, while vloggers are giving what audiences want or will be attracted to because that is how they gain their money or popularity. Yet not all content creators do this and simply engage their community.

I also liked this quote from the end of the “Residual Culture” section. “Rather, the culture around retrogames involves the creative generation of new texts based on older aesthetics and on emulators that allow older games to be played on new platforms.” This reminded me of a Tumblr post that takes a different view on emulator.



One Response to “Reappraising the Residual”

  1. Sean Hull said

    Just have to drop by and say yeah, the Doom fandom is incredible, they’ve made so many new engines to run Doom on that I don’t think there’s a single unsupported platform in existence. It’s a shame that the 2016 reboot only gave weak homage to the original’s capacity for being modded, as it’s the mods that have kept the original Doom alive. Heck, there’s even a mod that backports the weapons from 2016 Doom into the original.

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