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Reappraising the Residual

Posted by kaufmansw on February 20, 2017

After reading Reappraising the Residual, the section about taking the price tag off of an item really stuck out to me. The book followed this up with an example of giving wine to the host of a party or dinner. It is considered good etiquette to offer a guest wine but it’s not okay to leave the tag on the bottle of wine.  You should never leave the price tag on because it’s not about the price of the wine, it’s more about the thought.

After reading this first section, I thought I knew the shape this article would take but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  In the digital age section of chapter two, the authors stated that the digital gift is a gift without the “obligation to reciprocate.”  For example, YouTube can be a two-way straight.  As is states in the article, most authors will do anything so you will subscribe to their page.  The driving factors behind this is that they want people to see their hard work and would really like for people to enjoy their products.  After all, if you gain enough subscribers then companies will start paying you to run their ads before your videos play.  While money may be the driving factor for some video producers, others do it just for fun.  This is something that I think people lose sight of nowadays.  They forget how to have fun and treat everything with a serious, business-like mind.  It’s okay to let your guard down and express yourself outside of a formal “shirt and tie” manor.  Personally I would rather watch the videos of those who make them for fun rather than scheming how to make money off of me.


One Response to “Reappraising the Residual”

  1. vene131 said

    Yeah I definitely agree that YouTubers have lost sight of the having fun part of YouTube. I mean, I think it’s okay when they do promote some things; obviously they are making a living this way. But I think that they need to realize that this is doesn’t always mean that they need to be so business like as you put it. It is hard to find YouTubers are genuine nowadays.

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