Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Reappraising the Residual

Posted by marylennoxhalf on February 20, 2017

The most interesting part of this chapter, I think, was the comparison to WWE. It is interesting that wrestling only was viewed in each city. These videos had no residual value. Fans began exchanging with others, which then led to annoyed promoters. Thus leading to fans being able to watch other cities wrestling. This was an interesting change to what had been going on prior. Now, this idea is different and almost strange, as we have not been impacted by these specific wrestling tournaments being shown only in our cities. This was an interesting topic, which opened my eyes to the popularity as well again to the ability to spread media quickly, which can be a good thing as well as a bad thing to people affiliated.


One Response to “Reappraising the Residual”

  1. kaufmansw said

    I didn’t know this was how wrestling was spread. I am always amazed at how quickly media can spread things. Media can be used in a positive way as well as a negative way so it’s important to remember this before posting something.

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