Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by adusheck on February 16, 2017

The section in the reading titled Value, Worth, and Meaning shares similar themes with the other readings from the week, specifically the secondhand clothing article as it really focuses in on the changing of times and how technology in general has effected that. From the clothing article we see that clothing styles have been changing rapidly with the aid of technology. In tonight’s reading today’s capitalist economy is scrutinized for taking away the values that were once popular from a “gift” economy which is basically based on a trade and barter where your neighbor is expected to help you and you are expected to help them too. Everything is not looked at as a way to make money in this type of economy either, the example used in the book is really eye opening because it shows that every little detail of every situation is looked at as an opportunity to make a profit and we don’t even realize it because it happens so often. This happens even when we watch TV or surf the internet and see a commercial, all we are trying to do is watch our favorite show but companies see it as a way to sell themselves to viewers which is why Super Bowl commercials are such a big deal and so expensive. The Super Bowl is the most watched televised event a year because people who don’t regularly watch football watch and some people watch it solely for the commercials. With this realization and comparison it makes me question what gives something value, worth, or meaning?


One Response to “Value”

  1. I think you made a very interesting point. I have always been aware that things are made solely to make profit, but I never really realized how much it was happening. Like you said, we don’t realize because it happens so often.

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