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“Buy One Get One Free”… Not Really

Posted by laurenivey22 on February 16, 2017

While reading the rest of Where Web Went Wrong 2.0 the fact that it mentioned how nothing is ever free really stood out to me. The phrase “Nothing is ever free” has been said to me multiple times by my friends, parents, and teachers for as long as I can remember. My Economics teacher from high school would always explain how even though a sign says “Buy one get one free” you still aren’t technically getting it free. While it may be free in the moment, you are paying for it some other way. Whether that be with the gas money you used to drive to the store, or the time you are spending at the store that you could be spending elsewhere. Although, he made all of these amazing points, I had never really opened my eyes and thought about it until reading it in this chapter.

These “free” items are not only given out to benefit the customer but to also benefit the company as well. If a customer sees the word “free” it automatically brings in more business. Another example would be Pandora and Spotify. While both are “free” the technically aren’t because they have things like Pandora Plus and Spotify Premium which have better features and more to offer but cost money. These higher offering apps are constantly featured on the lower offering ones so that eventually the customer will get tired of the ads or tired of the lack of offering of the lower app and pay for the higher offering apps.

For something to be free is simply nonexistent. Whether it comes financially, mentally, physically, or emotionally, everything comes with some kind of price.


6 Responses to ““Buy One Get One Free”… Not Really”

  1. Very true. I actually made this point about sites and apps such as Spotify and Pandora, as well. Even though they may seem to be free, to get all of the features of the app or site you do have to pay. With everything that involves entertainment basically there is a price tag of some sort attached. Sometimes it can just be about marketing.

  2. faythleighann said

    I talked about this is one of my posts, too. Even if we don’t physically pay money to use product or service, companies still find ways to use their customers. One thing that comes to mind is when I had just started using Facebook, and I would play those online games like Bejeweled and Farmvillle. Well then the people behind the game would post onto my timeline saying my highscore and inviting others to play. It was about free advertising.

  3. The “Buy one, get one free” concept really resonated with me. My mom always said as I was growing up, “You didn’t save, if you still managed spend money”. She told me her Father always said that to her as well. It wasn’t until I went off to college and had to really crack down on managing my money and knowing where to save that I was able to take in the full concept of marketing tactics. To this day I must say I tend to fall a victim at times to being a marketer’s dream.

  4. The word “free” is so appealing to anyone. It really does attract customers and is such a good marketing tactic. I never thought of it in the way of you would be paying for something free in the gas money you used to get there but that is such a good point. It is always possible to pay for it mentally and emotionally not just physically which I never thought about until reading this.

  5. tommistowers said

    I love you blog post! The concept that you described “free” as was perfect. People need to remember that if it was benefiting the customer companies wouldn’t do it! When it is buy one get one free its only helping the company. The company is getting your attention by advertising their product to get you to buy one just to get the other “free”. Great Job!

  6. cameronbrooks3 said

    I feel like the concept buy one get one free is a scam, only on some occasions. They say nothing in life is ever free, but I think it just depends on not only who is promoting but what is the object.

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