Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Word of Mouth

Posted by faythleighann on February 15, 2017

In the second half of chapter 1, the section Toward Transparent Marketing mentioned a lot of different ideas that I had discussed in other posts. For instance, the idea of the audience having majority of power over a company’s success was questioned as it was earlier in previous readings. This time it was described as “the average person” having word of mouth. Here, it is stated that companies have begun to realize a customer’s importance and that the public in Public Relations must be restored. It’s the idea that companies focus on the consumers’ feedback, but more importantly they do so in a direct manner. This bringing up another question as to how companies should interact and react to consumers’ posts about products or services. I immediately thought of the phenomenon with Wendy’s. apparently, Wendy’s has been reacting to tweets about their franchise on Twitter and customers are noticing the responses. But even so the publicity that Wendy’s is crating is what company strives for. This leading to the question that should customers (like the ones directly tweeting at Wendy’s) receive compensation for their promotional testimony or even their role in the action that draws attention to the restaurant. I mean it is up to the customer to participate in promoting a product or service on social media, but should that promotion be successful should the customer get something in return? And that’s where the line between gifts and bribes is risky, as mentioned in the book. In any aspect, I think that the relationship between a company and a customer can be complicated and taking to social media doesn’t help, but it can become easier to interact.


One Response to “Word of Mouth”

  1. emilyfalicaa said

    I think it comes down to deciding what that gift would entail. Most people tweeting at Wendy’s are probably looking for a tweet back and five minutes of fame. If they get that, then there is their gift and Wendy’s gets more promotion. If they don’t get a tweet back no one benefits so it balances out

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