Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Pg. 62-84 2/15/17

Posted by amycorysite on February 15, 2017

For tonights nights blog post, February 15th-

After reading the second part of Spreadable Media’s Chapter one, “Where Web 2.0 Went Wrong” I was intrigued by the concept of gift giving. There are many cultural and economic motives following the motives of the many audiences and producers in our world of media today. There are various logics and economies derived from each audience and producer. Starting on page 67 under the section titled, “Value, Worth, and Meaning” Lewis Hyde’s thoughts from his book, “The Gift” really resonated with me. Hyde’s statement,” gifts depend on altruistic motivations; they circulate through acts of generosity and reciprocity, and their exchange is governed by social norms rather than contractual relations” (67). His overall concept of gift giving in order to help further resolve conflicts will then help enforce a growth in  social networking.

Worth in growing economies and fandoms his something we can not always put a price on. Worth can also be promoted as a symbolic or sentimental value for the consumer or audience the service or product is directed towards. Value on the other hand, whether it is found through  a service or by money acts at a rate where either could be exchanged for one another.

Another section I enjoyed reading titled, “Nothing is Ever Free” went in depth over our consumer economy mindset. A point made by both Lewis Hyde and the writers of the show “The Big Bang Theory” expressed “The exchange of ‘gifts’ brings social expectations… not all gifts can be accepted” (73). The point of while reading this section that stood out to me most was the notion of hidden obligations and unexpressed motives by the producers to the consumers, which remain hidden inside the gift.


One Response to “Pg. 62-84 2/15/17”

  1. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    I enjoyed the example of “The Big Bang Theory” as well. It really reminded me of social obligations. Like at Christmas time, a friend I had only know for a few months handed me a stocking full of little presents, and I had only gotten her one thing. I felt bad that she had spent more, and it’s because of moral and social expectations we have been taught or developed.

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