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A Global History Secondhand Clothing

Posted by toripatterson504 on February 14, 2017

This reading was one of my favorites by far just because of its direct relevance in our everyday lives. CLOTHING!!!! The clothes we wear describe who you are as a person and as the article say, It tells your narrative. Different types of clothing and the way it’s worn have different meanings. Secondhand clothing is just as popular today and it was in the nineteenth century. Personally I prefer secondhand hand clothing stores such as Plato’s Closet and Goodwill over major retail stores like Forever 21 and Dillard’s. Plato’s Closet is a high end consignment store that thrives strictly off of slightly used in style clothing. The fact that this store is ran on secondhand clothing alone should let you know how big the trend affects our culture today.

Consignments shops are still necessary due to different trends going in and out of style. The fashion industry is forever changing and growing so typically the things that you might think are out style will eventually make its recurring debut in fashion. This is one of the reasons that consignment shops will always be popular in our culture because it’s a “cheaper” way to stay in style and keep up with the recurring fashion trends. You would think that a place like Goodwill wouldn’t server much purpose to this generation but studies show that Goodwill is preferred over 5 major reatail companies.

In my family secondhand clothing is practice more with smaller children in my immediate family. Every generation uses secondhand clothing and I think that it will always be relevant in not only fashion but our culture.


3 Responses to “A Global History Secondhand Clothing”

  1. connorfrederick12 said

    I fully agree with your point of consignment shops being a necessary part of society. I personally go to goodwill pretty often to go and checkout what they have that would strike me as something retro that I would wear. Even found a Vietnam War era army jacket. But people need consignment shops not only for fashion, but for affordable clothing.

  2. briannaembry said

    Secondhand retail stores are a very useful tool in society. Some of these clothes tend to go in and out of current style very quickly. So why would you spend the full price for clothing that will most likely go out of style soon, with the ever-changing fashion industry? These stores offer a useful resource in society and textile media.

  3. vene131 said

    I think that second hand stores are a great way to stay in style in a cheap way. Personally, second hand stores are great because I am plus sized and lemme tell you finding plus sized clothes that are cheap is nearly impossible. However, second hand stores make this easier.

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