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“YouTube and Archives in Educational Environments”

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on February 13, 2017

Something that stood out to me from this article was “Carrotblanca.” The fact that many fans recreate things with different characters and often change events is something I encounter daily. I’m sorry, but not really sorry, to once again use Steven Universe as an example. Many people that I follow have edited scenes of the show to have characters in them that weren’t originally. They believe that the character should have been involved, or just like to think of what would have happened had they been.

For those that I bet are sick of my Steven Universe examples, I have another. There is an animated series on YouTube called Glitchtale. It takes characters and the world from the game Undertale, and expands upon them into it’s own story. This also brings copyright into question again. They are still the same characters from the games, and the series uses some remixes of the original soundtrack for it’s soundtrack. The creator of Glitchtale isn’t making any money, so how much is she really hurting anyone?

I also want to take from “The Value of Retrogames” article to talk about “Let’s Play” and “Best of” videos. These videos are essentially a recording of a video game with a person talking during it. It’s like watching a friend play a game that you don’t have. While being a way to spread the game and increase popularity, can this be considered original content from the YouTuber?


2 Responses to ““YouTube and Archives in Educational Environments””

  1. Sean Hull said

    Your mention of Let’s Plays reminds me of the controversy over Nintendo’s handling of LP videos. Long story short, after anger over Nintendo issuing some content takedowns and taking ad revenue from LP videos, Nintendo made a “Creator’s Program” by which ad revenue from Nintendo LPs is split between Nintendo and the content creator. Though this has received criticism, I think it’s a pretty interesting example of a company coming to a pretty reasonable solution, especiallu compared to the dire measures taken by some copyright holders.

    Source: http://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13259/~/nintendo-creators-program-information

  2. connorfrederick12 said

    I believe that all “Let’s Play” and ” Best of” videos are original content because they are showing what they, or others, have done and are compiling all of that into a video that they their-self have made.Yes people monetize off of these videos, not directly off of the video game, but off of their own personal skill being showcased. (Keep using Steven Universe examples because Steven Universe is awesome)

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