Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Where the web went wrong pt. 1 (feb 7)

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on February 13, 2017

After reading the four articles that were assigned to us for this blog posting. I found the writer’s takes on how to define copyright infringement was very interesting. It also really hit home with me. With the music dilemmas that are seen in on the sites such as Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook… ETC.

These sites that allow video publishing make it nearly impossible for users to publish videos that use an artist’s music with no permission. This is because the sites almost immediately delete the video with unauthorized music on it, or they delete the sound of the video all together. This has angered numerous users of these sites, including myself.

I had first experienced this for myself, when I was I was in sixth grade and I was creating Youtube videos of myself playing and commentating video games such as Call of DutyModern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. I was completely destroyed when I uploaded my first completed video, just to see that hours later it had been deleted due to a copyright infringement from using the song Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa without his permission.

This situation stifled my video game youtube uploads. Though as I progressed in age I still uploaded Youtube videos. Though these were typically for school projects. Yet, despite their scholastic nature, if they had a song in them, they were still taken down. I later figured out that using slight remixes of songs could override these deletions.

So in my humble opinion, I am no fan of these copyright infringements in certain situations. This is because if someone is making a benign video that utilizes a song, i do not think there should be a problem there. So I think sites should try screening a video before audio deletion or complete deletion. I’m not to sure how that should be implemented, but with today’s modern technology and some work, I think it could be plausible.


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