Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

web wrong pt. 2 (feb 9)

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on February 13, 2017

After reading this passage of the textbook Spreadable Media and sitting through the discussion that was put on by a group of classmates.  (Yes I know that this was a late post, I completely forgot about these last week). It came to my attention that there was a very thin line that separates the legal and illegal content that people produce legally from books, movies and tv shows (and more).

A good example that was brought up, was the legality of adding to content to already completed (i.e. The Harry Potter Series).  I found that it was interesting when it was mentioned that there are frowned upon forms of fan fiction, and there are excepted kinds of fan fiction. Like if a creator has finished a product and has not gone back to add onto it for awhile, then it is typically fair game for fans to make their own kinds of sequels. While the frowned upon kind is the sexual and malignant forms of fan fiction that can put innocent or young fans in an uncomfortable situation if they were to stumble upon this sort of content.

I personally feel that there should not be a copyright issue with the fan fiction, or content inspired creation, if there is no skewing of the story. Meaning that, if a fan wants to make an alternate ending or a continuation of a story. It should always be fair game if the story is done. But it should not be okay to falsely sexualize, or skew the characters of said content.


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