Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Secondhand Clothing

Posted by briannaembry on February 13, 2017

In reading this week’s reading assignments, the article that stuck out to me the most was Shell’s “The Global History of Secondhand Clothing.” I feel that this article stuck with me the most because everybody has had experience with clothing. Clothing is one product that is not really thought as a major effect of media. These items are definitely overlooked. Clothing has evolved over time, along with its functions and fashions. At one point, clothing was important for uses such as armor and prestige. Now, clothing is seen as a way of self-expression and style- while still serving its basic function of coverage.

“The clothing wore its owner as much as the owner wore the clothing, bearing comparable markers of a personal narrative,” is an important though presented in this essay. Over time, the wearer of the clothing article began to wear the clothing out- stretching the waist, staining the items, wearing out the elbows, ect. With the technology and resources scarce, some individuals would wear this clothing for years, showing their own journeys and stories through the worn fabrics and stitching. However, as time passed on, new innovations allowed for inexpensive production of clothing, reducing the amount of worn clothing articles. The opening of secondhand clothing stores became more common through these changes, allowing for the faster spread of textile media as new clothing and styles began to circulate to new individuals.


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