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Retroback Thursday

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on February 13, 2017

Out of these four essays that were assigned for this blog post, the one that I found the coolest was Retrobrands and Retromarketing. This essay was the most relatable to me because I am very involved and interested into the retro-fying of the modern culture and the products that are being released in the world.

This day and age is chalk full of many brands, bands, and companies that as of late, have begun to “pay homage” to the old style of music, clothing, or other products. I find this to be a very interesting thing that Robert V. Kozinets touches on in his essay.

This retrobranding and retromarketing became extremely apparent to me when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (feat. Wanz) released their rap song Thrift Shop. It took the year 2012 by storm. The song’s video accumulated high acclaim and one billion plus views on youtube. The video flaunted multiple characters buying cool old/retro products. Thus as catchy song swept across the nation, it seemed it was the tipping point for pop culture to revamp it’s interest in the stuff our parents and grandparents wore.

I also see these retrobands that have emerged into popularity. Bands that utilize old icon seventies and eighties pop sounds and sport retro clothes when they perform. This hipster, indie, alternative scene rose to popularity by also appealing to the “cool” old nostalgic themes that dominated past cultures.

All in all, I believe that Kozinets points in his essay are very interesting, and I wholeheartedly agree with retro making a comeback. And I also think that big companies, brands, and bands have capitalized on this “new” trend, which has inherently made them lazy. This is because, in order to make a cool product that people will purchase, they do not have to come up with any new ideas. They just have to look through goodwill, or their parents photo albums to take ideas from that.


One Response to “Retroback Thursday”

  1. Drake Kizer said

    You made a lot of great points in this post, and I especially agree with one of the last things you said, which was that many media entities are becoming lazy due to the rise of retro. Like you pointed out, companies are not making anything new anymore. They are simply rehashing the ideas of the past and applying them to products that are “new” only because they were made recently. Many people might point out that retro is always cool, and that in 20 years people will be wearing the stuff we wore today. But, if what we wear today is not original, it seems like that trend may die off soon. Only time will tell

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