Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Retro revival

Posted by amycorysite on February 13, 2017

In the four essays we were assigned to read for February 13th’s blog post- I found the essay, “Retrobrands and Retromarketing” by Robert V. Kozinets to be most interesting.  I found his concept of a new found “retro revolution” relatable to me. As I have followed circulating subcultures infiltrating not simply retro clothing brands, but mainly through the spread of our music industry as well.

Retro themes have always caught my eye since I was a kid. Kozinets makes a valuable point, “Old brands retain value simply by being old: the value of nostalgia, the so-called retro appeal”. The aesthetic it’s self is what sells retro memorabilia. Having always been one to romanticize the past I was moved by Kozinets statement, “the retro brand is, at its core, animated by mystery”. To intrigue the consumer, marketing managers must find a mysterious appeal to further grow their retro brand name.

Retro brands are restored everyday in our consumer culture and the fan culture as they have begun to merge as one unit. This has further supported the growing retro manager marketing industry in todays society. The retro marketing industry has also growing due to the rapid growth of the technological changes infiltrating the merging of consumers connecting on the internet. The constant media connection further endorses the retro revival encouraging the genuine rival to never truly end. There is always something to rediscover somewhere i the mysterious realm of retro cultures. In nostalgia lyes value, and in value lyes consistent consumer involvement.


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