Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Response to Online Essay 2/14

Posted by adusheck on February 13, 2017

The article that stuck out the most to me from the online essays was the one about secondhand clothing. It was weird to me to think that secondhand clothing has not always been a thing because mass production of clothing has not always been a thing either, which is also weird to think. This entire essay points out several things that are seemingly obvious but that we tend to forget as a society every day. I think that today we forget a lot of things because everything today is accessible at the tip of our fingers. If we want to know something we google it, and we don’t even have to wait until we are home because we have the internet everywhere on our phones. If we want a shirt we definitely don’t plan it out for months we generally forget that we need a shirt for a special event until the day of and then we run to the store really quick before and buy one. Not only did the fact that mass production has not always been a thing not really hit me, but I also never thought about how style was effected. Although there has been a multitude of styles over time it has progressed so much more rapidly since mass production. When describing other styles from previous times we address it based on the time period over hundreds of years such as the colonial period or the renaissance whereas now we describe it based on decades which is really eye opening.


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