Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Reappraising the Residual Part 1

Posted by jasendavis on February 13, 2017

The essays were interesting. I liked the one about the use of YouTube and other new streaming technology in the classroom. It is pertinent information, especially for the younger members of our class. Even before they reach matriculation from college, they are likely to view a shift in the way their classes are operated. I remember my senior year in high school when my U.S. history teacher ran her entire class using YouTube to instruct. We also used skype to connect with experts in Washington D.C.  It is incredible to think that scholars have to constantly update citation and bibliography practice in order to keep up with emerging sources of information.

I had a hard time relating to the retrogaming essay, only because I do not do much gaming. It did, however, remind me of the surge of fantasy sports online. Similar to how games have been reimagined, the introduction of fantasy sports not only connected people through its forums, but it also introduced new people to the sports. It may a stretch, but that is what I took from the essay.

The one I enjoyed the most is the essay by Kozinets that sought to explain the phenomena of retrobrands and retromarketing. I really enjoy Star Wars. I mean, I really do. So to read about it excites me. In my opinion, the most important aspect of retrobranding is the solidarity. I wouldn’t know about Star Wars without my father. Of course the brand had to be popular in its prime, but if nobody told the next generation about it, there would be no renaissance in the future.


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