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Jumpman RetroBrand

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on February 13, 2017

With me being a sneaker head and loving Jordan’s shoes, this article caught my eye in a heartbeat. Even though there was so sign of them talking about Micheal Jordan shoes, the article was very accurate when it comes to the fact that all brands that we know and love from today came from the past. To be exact without even getting on Google retro means old or past. For example, Star Wars and Star Trek are movies that came out in the late 70s and now they are coming out with new movies 7-10 years later. Some people that are not fans of these types of films may think well if they didn’t succeed in the beginning why are they trying to start over. Actually, they are pretty common and popular in not just different places, but to different people that really look up to these actors and actresses like they are real heros and when they do start over more people actually enjoy them more and still attend conventions like comic con and event ms about the theme movies. Don’t get mean wrong retro isn’t just about movies. It relates to technology like computers and phones, food, clothing brands and even cars. When you think about retro just remember that even in today’s present world any thing we do or use comes from the past and if something comes new to use, pretty much it will end up in the retro group as well it is just a non stopping cycle.


2 Responses to “Jumpman RetroBrand”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    This is a great post Cameron. It is very interesting to me and almost kind of funny that certain brands or products do better when reintroduced to society, rather than when they were first introduced. Also, it is weird to think that some of the newest and coolest products today might one day be “retrofied” and be just as popular years down the road.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    It’s funny how many “retro” movies or tv shows are being made or revived. For example, Gilmore Girls was revived on Netflix and Disney is making many of their animated movies into live action ones. People crave nostalgia and eat it up.

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