Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Feb 13 Secondhand Clothing and Retromarketing

Posted by mackenzie brown on February 13, 2017

I never really thought much about the clothing industry until reading A Global History of Second Hand Clothing. Clothing is a product that will always be in high demand obviously because we need clothes. I usually just go buy the clothes I like and wear them and never think anything of it. The quote “The clothing wore its owner as much as the owner wore the clothing” really stood out to me because I have never thought about clothing like this. But this statement is actually true because it says how clothes will shape to your body or get worn at the elbows and knees also stains and deformation of any clothing articles. Clothing brands are so important and extremely valued by our society because there are so many different brands and styles. Clothing brands are apart of retrobrands and retromarketing because they are popular brands just like the ones explained in the “Retrobrand and Retromarketing” article. Brands are so easily taken too by people in our generation. Just like with the example of the VW car being not only a car but having a movie based off of it which was a way of retromarketing. Brands are marketed so heavily through media. You can see ads for brands on just about any site or any TV commercial these days. Some brands take off more than others and I never realized why until I read the characteristics that create value in brands and it makes sense because those are good characteristics brands should have and things people base their opinions off of.


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