Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Clothing in Its Entirety

Posted by faythleighann on February 13, 2017

Out of the readings, A Global History of Secondhand Clothing and Retrobrands and Retromarketing caught my interest the most. I think that clothing as always been a great part of culture and used to define people, status, beliefs, to make a certain statement, or sometimes there isn’t much thought put into it. But in any case, clothing contributes largely to our community and can be used as a means of media. This is something I hadn’t thought of before in its entirety. See the thing is that where we buy are clothes, what we spend on it, the labels on the tags, all send out messages to other people expressing whether we support retro marketing or retro brand. It’s the idea that if an item, or in this case clothing, can add value to a brand, then it can be revived. I think that’s why secondhand stores and consignments shops are becoming more popular because our generation has added value and is attracted to the “old-school” clothing from earlier decades. It’s major franchises like Forever21, American Apparel, H&M, etc. that notice these trends and sell clothing that create the same attitude and feel of the authentic clothes. But it’s the authentic clothes that get passed through the people and add character. The retrofication causes change and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think that by retrofying clothing to fit both a richman and a milkman adds to the culture and community.


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